We offer the most cost competitive aluminium planks and trestles for painters tradies and roofers.

The aluminium trestles are made to stand the pressures needed by  tradesmen. They comply with australian standards and come in sizes to suit most requirements.

The aluminium trestles have adjustable legs 300mm and the best part is spacings of 400mm instead of 600mm so its easier to climb up the trestle.

The  aluminium planks are also certified and have welded ends as well as rubber grips on both sides of the plank.

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We have developed wide range of elevated platform based tools for builders, painters and other professionals. All our products are properly engineered so that they offer you proper strength and no deflection in case of over stretch. We meet requirements of standard for planks by Australian Scaffold 1677-2016. All our trestles and planks will offer extra grip as high traction rubber has been fixed at bottom.


All our products are designed to meet requirements at domestic level as well as industrial level. In entire Sydney, we have the cheapest planks and trestles. Plank clamps are quite crucial because they need to be placed properly as they work for stretching. All our products are properly designed and tested so quality assurance is not an issue.


Which features you must check in aluminium planks and trestles?

You must check that tool should be compatible for heavy duty, high surface traction, easy to operate etc.


Which types of aluminium should be used for planks and trestles?

Standard types of aluminium are 1100-H14 ( this is best because of high quality ), 5052-H32, 3006-K14 and 6061-T6.

What type of trestles and planks should be opted for builders and painters?

Being honest, these tools are mainly for builders and painters but they should check clamp, size, weight, maximum possible opening in angle, material used etc..


What are some common parameters which ensure high quality in trestles and planks?

High quality surface gripping rubber, minimum 227 mm wide, minimum load rate 225 kg, etc


Apart from supplying cheap plank and trestles, other features are as below:

  • Engineered extrusion shape.
  • High strength, heavy duty, no deflection even in case of high load
  • Up to 300 mm adjustable legs’ length.
  • Entire set up has unique four chambers design which supports high load. Special structure to work on centre of mass while operating.
  • Minimum maintained width is 600 mm
  • For every meter, our plank’s weight is 4 kg.

Furthermore, we would like to add that if you are looking for cheap aluminium planks and trestles then there can be no better option than us in entire Sydney.